The company Celsion Brandschutzsysteme GmbH has been developing innovative fire protection solutions for over 12 years. Its product portfolio ranges from fire protection enclosures and partition wall systems to the functional enclosure of IT systems.

As a developer, producer and designer of innovative fire protection solutions, we carry out various fire tests almost every month at national and international testing facilities. Product development is based on national and international regulations, which may differ depending on the application.

For the majority of systems, the requirements of DIN 4102 are taken into account. Newer systems are based on the requirements of EN 1364, DIN EN 13501 and EN 1366.

The resulting test reports and classification reports form the basis for the respective approvals according to the corresponding application.

For fire protection enclosures, a national technical approval issued by the DIBt (German centre of competence in civil engineering) is required as proof of applicability.

For project-specific requirements, it may be necessary to apply for an individual case approval (ZiE) as proof of applicability.

The option to deviate slightly from national technical approvals must be verified with regard to the specific application. The basis for this includes confirmations from materials testing institutes/expert reviews, which may not consider a deviation from the approval to be essential.

In the product descriptions, you can find the proof of applicability and classification and inspection reports corresponding to the respective product series. Based on diverse product designs, such as different ventilation systems, cable entries, size adjustments as well as the method of attachment to solid wall or light partition walls that must always be taken into account, the proof of applicability for the variety of our products provided through our website or general print media can only be considered in relation to the specific project.

If necessary, we therefore ask that you request the project-specific proof of applicability and classification reports needed for the product with the quote before the order is placed. Documentation will then be compiled in consultation with those involved in the construction project. Please also refer here to the relevant instructions in the quotes.

In relation to the respective project, it is also possible to calculate the overheating limit to determine the functional integrity of the installed system. This approximate calculation can be used with freely configurable distribution boards to calculate a possible temperature profile for both normal operation and in the event of fire for closed ventilation systems based on the situation on site. Using this calculation, the evidence of functional integrity can also be established for the specific project as part of the expert review.

If you have any further questions in this regard, please contact our consultant via our hotline on +49 (0) 3591 270 78 - 16.

For more information on national technical approvals (abZ), please visit the DIBt (German centre of competence in civil engineering) website at

Extrapolation of test results for national technical test certificates (PDF Download PDF-Download).